The Aims of the Greenhill Educational Product

To Provide Or Develop:

  • A school curriculum that complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Technology and Sports, the Uganda National Curriculum Development Centre and the Uganda National Examination Board;
  • An education that is a source of spiritual growth, with a Christian ethic and call to action;
  • An environment that involves parents in the educational development of their children, both in school and at home;
  • An education that fosters children’s keenness to learn and a positive approach to life;
  • An education that is intellectually challenging and leads to students exhibiting their maximum potential academically;
  • An education that is a source of personal growth, self worth and cultural identity;
  • An education that builds in children critical thinking and creativity, practical and language skills;
  • A curriculum that aspires to the highest international standards; and supports individual needs and talents;
  • An education that enables young people to succeed in a world of change;
  • An education that encourages students to become all-rounders, concerned with the issues of our time, and prepared to live as responsible and compassionate citizens;
  • An education where students become interactive, ambitious and self-directed;
  • An education that nurtures in children a sense of values, honesty, and a desire to seek high standards in all they do;
  • A culture where children mature through friendship and balanced emotional growth;
  • A curriculum that integrates skills and knowledge across academic disciplines to the world of practical experience;
  • A curriculum that utilizes information technology, with each child experiencing the computer’s potential as a career tool and as an instrument for human development;
  • A curriculum that incorporates children’s participation in sporting, artistic and cultural activities, and opportunities to develop leadership skills and experience;
  • An education that incorporates stimulating teaching and classroom activities; and

An education that reveals to children the benefits of instructing themselves, of learning by experience, and of sharing life skills.

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