Chrisitian Values Reflected in Work Practices and Attitudes

The love of God is mirrored through love for family, love for others and love of life; and through acceptance of responsibility for life’s work. It is mirrored through actions, what we say and do, and what we stand for. Jesus Christ is our role model. We are accountable for our actions or lack of them. The Child has the central focus in our professional work. A child’s welfare is of paramount importance

This serves to emphasize that we:

  • Act with courage to challenge the status quo in the interest and for the welfare of the child;
  • Are non-complacent in our responsibilities and service to others. We are willing to change positively;
  • Remain firm in our purpose. Create a framework of authority and respect in order to succeed;
  • Avoid ego-mania. Concentrate on fulfilling leadership and work obligations effectively;
  • Act with essential honesty and integrity;
  • Attend to all in our care, especially the weak and vulnerable avoiding any form of discrimination;
  • Train children to be compassionate members of society and stand up against injustice;
  • Foster positive relationships and productive teamwork. We endeavour think and be creative.
  • Apply responsible love in our activities to get the results, we desire; and
  • Recognize the worth of each individual child in imparting skills, targets and guidance.

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