Holistic Education

The School works to educate the whole child through a programme -The Greenhill Academy Curriculum – which is relevant and meaningful to children. Stimulating classroom and out-of-class learning is planned together with a study skills programme and co-curricular activities. Teachers provide opportunities for student investigation and presentations. They encourage each individual child in academic progress, in personal development, and in acquiring a skills base, according to Greenhill Academy policy and the policy guidelines of the Ministry responsible for education.

Greenhill Academy aims to produce creative, mature all-rounder’s who balance their academic studies, sporting and cultural activities, and family or social life. To achieve such results, the school must expose students to proper direction and example, to opportunity and stimulus, to challenge and reward. Students should make a meaningful social contribution in their lifetime in addition to achieving personal success in their careers.

Education at Greenhill Academy produces high-achieving, confident students. Whilst Greenhill Academy emphasizes academic success, young people face a future that will test more than their ability to retain facts and pass examinations. They must ‘learn how to learn’, be articulate, think and make decisions for themselves.

Greenhill Academy will provide the kind of experiences that builds strength of character, employable skills, and the understanding of global issues. Those who study, work and teach at Greenhill Academy are invited on a lifelong journey of learning, achieving, caring and contributing to the global store of human endeavour.

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