Professional Environment

Greenhill Academy recruits teachers who have (or have the potential to develop) the skills and interest to implement the Greenhill Academy Curriculum and educational philosophy. The school arranges professional development activities for staff to provide understanding of the expected standards and practices. Teamwork and professionalism are expected among colleagues. This challenges both new and long serving teachers to work better with each other leading to a satisfying professional culture, and eventually improving the work environment.

Staff are appointed, promoted and managed according to established criteria: merit, competence, education and training, suitability of character and personality.

Greenhill Academy ensures that the Curriculum is well resourced, updated and completed on time. Teachers must and are encouraged to plan the school activities they are responsible for (both in and out of class), aiming to achieve the expected academic results while at the same time laying the framework for independent student work and leadership.

At the heart of Greenhill Academy’s success is motivation, hard work and personal responsibility in the teacher-student partnership. Teachers act as mentors for students. As the children are expected to be creative and to express their views openly and skilfully, teachers themselves are encouraged to exhibit these qualities. Teachers respect the dignity of each child, maintaining a positive relationships at all times.

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