Women's Day at GHA

Written by Tobias Mugume.

At Greenhill Academy, we believe, ‘women are the real architects of society’ and it is no wonder we choose to honor them in style with a day dedicated to them and celebrated in the school.


Following the international women’s day celebration held on the 8th of March 2018, women in Greenhill Academy were officially celebrated on the 9th March 2018 with an assembly led by them under the theme Press for Progress.

The ladies clad in beautiful customized red blouses put on a show with breathtaking presentations that left the audience more convinced than ever before about the creativity that lies in women’s nature. The assembly that was opened with an electrifying praise and worship session showcased the various talents of the women in Greenhill Academy as they sang out their hearts with their beautiful voices; acted like Hollywood stars and danced away.

The ladies taught the audience the importance of saving through a captivating skit that talked about a lady who began with little but through encouragement and determination managed to save continuously until her businesses were successful.

The Guest of Honor, renowned Psychotherapist Ms. Elizabeth Kibuka Musoke encouraged the audience to believe in themselves and believe that they can achieve their dreams. She went ahead to give the audience an enlightening speech describing her profession and what psychotherapists do that left many of the pupils feeling more knowledgeable about how the mind works and the role of a psychotherapist.

The assembly was concluded by a beautiful story from the rector, Mrs. Joy Veronica Maraka about a mother who sacrificed her eye so that her son could see. This moving story really depicted the love and the many sacrifices our mothers make for us in order to be happy.

The ladies were thereafter treated to a sumptuous breakfast and cake cutting ceremony to crown the celebrations.

From all of us at Greenhill Academy we appreciate all the ladies out there and wish you a Happy Women’s Month. Women are strength! Women are beauty! Women are wisdom!

Women are the real architects of society!

Keep Extending Your Horizons.

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