GHA Easter Services 2018

Written by Ronald Wamuntu.



In Greenhill Academy, Kibuli – Secondary…

In the Secondary Section, the Easter Season is marked by a major solemn worship service. The Passion Service commemorates and celebrates all the major highlights of the Holy Week – from Holy Monday up to Easter Sunday. This years’ service was on Wednesday 28th March, 2018, running from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

Usually, a selected class is assigned the role of preparing to lead the school community in the service, which includes some hymns, a praise and worship session, intercessions, Bible readings and the offertory session. This year, S.6 Geography and Science classes co-led the service, under the watchful guidance of the Head-of-Laity, Mr. Andrew Jjuuko. He was assisted by the respective class teachers – Mrs. Victoria M. Mwesigwa and Ms. Joanita Namubiru, together with Mr. Simon Eboku.


A guest preacher is always in attendance to deliver the season’s message. This year, Rev. Gerald Ayebale (Youth Pastor, St. Stephen’s Kisugu, Church of Uganda) delivered the message, themed Redemption in Christ. Using contemporary examples, Rev. Gerald delivered a fast-paced, yet refreshing message on four major aspects of the life of Liberty that is available to us through the Birth, Suffering, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Having seen how this redemption benefits us beyond our earthly life, students were given an opportunity to respond and receive the Redemption of Christ. About 30 students made an individual decision to give their lives to Christ.

The joy on the faces of teachers and students alike, followed by the aura of meditative reverence at the end of the recession hymn, ‘Because He lives’ was sufficient to show that the Easter Message had truly been driven home. The Easter season was indeed present!

Mr. Andrew Jjuuko,

Head-of-Laity – Secondary.

In Greenhill Academy, Kibuli – Primary…

This year, one or two days to Easter, the mood was charged with excitement for both the young and old. You could hear the choruses of Easter melodies and hymns in different classes with teachers of music polishing the Carol service items that were to be presented during the school’s Easter Carol Service on Thursday 29th March, 2018.

Children were heard whispering to themselves in the corridors and on the stairs, how they were going to enjoy the Easter holidays. Teachers were seen compiling weekend assignments for learners. Art teachers were seen beautifying the stage of the Gladys Wambuzi Hall, to befit the long-awaited Easter Carol Service. For sure, all indicators were announcing joy for the Savior was heading for victory through His death and resurrection.

Early Thursday morning, the service themed, ‘Redemption in Christ Jesus’ began with a procession hymn as Reverend Gerald Ayebale, the main celebrant, entered the place of worship.

With songs of praise and worship to the Lord, the congregation was lively and excited. It was a reflection of the righteous ones redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. The service comprised of presentations by each class from P.2 to P.6, and a well-acted drama production by P.4. The production was a real sermon in its own right. It left the audience touched when they saw how the Lord Jesus was treated on Good Friday (Crucifixion Day).


Rev. Gerald gave a summary of how mankind was redeemed in Christ Jesus highlighting that Jesus was crucified on the cross in order to save Mankind. During the service, pupils gave their offertory in appreciation of whatever God did through His only son, Jesus Christ.

In attendance were the Greenhill parents who turned up in large numbers, the Rector Mrs. J.V. Maraka, who thanked our Reverend for the love that he has displayed towards Greenhill Academy and the wider Kisugu community.

Special thanks goes to the administrators – the Rector, the Head teacher, Music teachers (Mr. Ssekimpi, Mr. Nadiope, Mrs. Catherine Bwanika) and Mr.Tobias Mugume (Machines) for putting up such a spectacular celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

Ms. Joy Nyinakiiza,

Head-of-Laity – Kibuli, Primary.



At Greenhill Primary School Buwaate, the Easter season could clearly be seen to be here highlighted by a well-organized and colorful Easter Carol Service under the theme, ‘The Rise Lord’.

The beautiful service that showcased the angelic voices of the pupils was led by Rev. Paul Muwanguzi from Masooli Parish who preached about forgiveness and love as the major virtues reflected by the death and resurrection of Christ.

As you enjoy this season, we hope that you too see the great love of God during this period. Happy Easter Everyone.



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