Written by Ronald Wamuntu.

As our culture, the Greenhill Academy teachers always welcome back their pupils in style by staging breathtaking and entertaining assemblies. This term’s teachers’ assemblies began with that of our Buwaate campus on the 31st of May 2018 under the theme, ‘Our role as women and men’.

The assembly that highlighted the different roles of women and men today showcased the teachers’ creativity, dance and drama skills. Some of the items that kept the pupils glued to the stage included; a play that highlighted the fact that although in the past the role of raising children was left only to the women, today; both the woman and the man greatly contribute to the grooming of a child. The instrumental composition of traditional instruments like drums, flutes, pipes, thumb pianos to mention but a few, was one of a kind as this time, it was presented by only women.

The creative fashion show which showcased the various professions women today can now perform like engineering, security and medicine clearly showed the pupils how the roles of women in society have also greatly evolved.

The assembly was concluded with closing remarks from the Rector, Mrs. Joy Veronica Maraka who thanked the teachers for their tremendous effort and; a moving speech from the Head of School, Mr. Benon Takirambudde who emphasized that in order for both men and women to perform their roles effectively, they need to be close to God. After such an amazing assembly, we cannot wait to watch the remaining assemblies of term. We believe they will be even better.

To our teachers, we thank you for this gesture; your creativity surpasses many.

To our dear pupils; we officially welcome you back to school; aim to make term 2 2018 fruitful.

Extend your Horizons.

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