Katalemwa Cheshire home is a place where children with disabilities are taken.
On Tuesday 8th October 2019, I visited Katalemwa Cheshire home. It was my first time to visit and I was very excited. I went along with other children from P. 1 to P. 6.
When we arrived at the home, we were welcomed by a very kind lady. Each of us told her our names and she then introduced us to the children we found at the home.
She told them that we are the people who donated to them a number of items. The lady then took us to tour the dormitories where the children sleep. Each child has their own caretaker.

I was touched by one child who we were told got crippled due to lack of oxygen supply at birth. I was humbled to see that in spite of the disabilities the children had, they could do so many things like sewing, carpentry and art; this really motivated me.
Before our departure, the children received donations from the pupils of Greenhill Academy which included soap, clothes, and sugar.
We had a memorable photo session and our new friends at the home gave us big hugs of goodbye before we boarded the bus back to Greenhill Primary School Buwaate.
If there is one thing that I learned from the visit to Cheshire home, it is, that people might be disabled on the outside but they have huge hearts full of love and they too can do a lot of things.
This visit has forever changed my life.