Every year, five lucky senior six leavers that are part of the Greenhill Academy Old Students Association get to be given a special working experience with Greenhill Academy. Here’s how one of the members of this year’s lucky lot, Mr. Bob Tumusiime described his experience.

2017 was coming to an end and I would finally complete my high school education. After pondering over what I was going to do during my long senior six vacation, I finally came to an excellent decision which, was working for my former school, Greenhill academy. Although it was uncertain, because it’s a privilege given to a few students of good conduct, I gave it a shot and handed in my application as early as I possibly could.

As fate had it, the academy offered me a job as the school`s office assistant at the beginning of the year, 2018. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how effective I would be in the office. One thing was for sure though; I knew I was ready to listen, learn and follow instructions to the best of my ability. On the morning of 16th of January, I reported to my new workplace where, I was briefed by the Staff Development Officer, Ms. Namayanja Diana and the Head Masters’ personal secretary commonly known as ‘blessed Eva’. As they explained to me what I was supposed to do, I ably understood their instruction and was ready to begin.

After the briefing, I started off by attending to parents, carrying files from office to office, typing data into the computers, monitoring and evaluating the front desk work among other duties. I will not lie; in the beginning the role was quite hectic. However, I managed to quickly settle in which I could attribute to the experience I earlier had as a former entertainment prefect of the academy and the guidance of my supervisors.


It has been a life changing experience to be working with the school heads, the rector, head master, deputies and accounts officers among other offices. I have learned a lot about customer care services, public relations and marketing skills through regular interaction with the parents and students.

During my work, I am have been fortunate enough to meet a couple of prominent people especially during the admissions’ period. A memorable occasion was when I comprehensively guided and led a potential parent on a tour of the school.  This parent was so impressed with the school’s hospitality and was convinced that Greenhill Academy was the best school for her child.

The few challenges I have encountered like having to deal with so many people at the same time or different parents from different backgrounds have greatly improved my communication and interpersonal skills. The entire work experience has had a great impact on my life and has helped me acquire certain traits like maintaining discipline, proper self conduct, good morals, proper relation with my work mates, having a quicker pace in the office and proper decision making. I believe I am not the same person after this experience because it has helped me discover so much potential within me that I thought I never possessed.

Word of advice to reader: Remember to respect everyone around you regardless of who they are, because your future is based on a series of connections and how many people are willing to put in good word for you. Thank you.

Bob Tumusiime