Culture plays an important role in our communities. It provides us with a sense of identity and as an academy, the diversity is celebrated in the most colourful way.

On the 19th May, 2022, Greenhill Academy had its first ever cultural day that was organized by the Students’ Council. The little contribution made by the students’ community was worth the life time of memories that day.

Both day and boarding students were dressed to the nines, from head to toe in their different cultural attires. In addition, the staff members came in their glorious colours of cultures. Some of the students came in Gomesis in the morning and later on changed into the Mushanana and other garments in the later part of the day. It was elegance at play.

The entire school was a splash of colours from the different regions of Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Liberia, Ghana, China, etc. It was a glamourous celebration of unity in diversity.

Numerous stalls were set up for cultural artifacts’ exhibition and the School Water and Sanitation club (SWAS), as well, had a stall to sensitize the school on the need to protect our environment.

When the clock struck noon that day, there was a sumptuous continental buffet waiting downstairs with a variety of foods from all over Africa. For example, matooke, injera, beef stew and chapatti, to mention but a few. The lines were long and the students salivated all the way. All in all, it was worth the wait.

The cherry on the top of all these festivities was the thrilling cultural dances from India, Uganda and Rwanda. The energy exhibited was stunning.

More so, the fashion show by both the students and teachers; a skit from the SWAS club on environmental degradation left the audience awed and yearning for more!

When all was said and done, the next date for the celebration could not come faster.

It was a day well spent!