14th April, 2022, was a very hot and auspicious morning that found all the lads and damsels preening themselves for the prom of their lives. It was the senior prom. The Twilight Saga,

a theme that was chosen unanimously by the organizing committee of the Senior Six Class due to their love for fantasy romance and fashion. This explained the exuberant dressing for that day. This left the entire academy bamboozled and, all the other high schools in the country pondering on their life choices.

In comparison, some guests went to the extent of calling other prom parties “birthday gatherings” due to the extravagance and material details expressed by the S.6 candidates of 2022.

The day commenced with the magnanimous and mouth-watering breakfast that left the youth’s bellies joyed and ready for the famous “red-carpet”, that fortunately was accompanied by the blessings from the Almighty Himself, labelled as “rain drops”. Amidst all that; the couples, one-by-one, slowly but steadily strode under the clapping nimbus that set the mood. It was a walk of elegance and grandeur.

The joyous kings and queens found their way to the photo-booth that was majestically clattered in the colours of the dollar bill. Magnificent pictures were taken to keep the beautiful memories of the day. The guests, later made their way into the heavenly hall, donned with the colours royal blue, white and black. That was at about 03:00pm and the comic MCs, Ahmed and Haldah, crowned the occasion with so much entertainment, picking out couples one by one for a dance. That was a moment of bliss for each couple and the guests as a whole.

After the long awaited dinner at about 06:00pm, the candidates were astounded by the outstanding performance of a gifted saxophonist, John Mark, who opened the dancefloor with the legendary, “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. That got the guests exhilarated and very much into their “heebie-jeebies”, recording whatever was taking place.

The prom King and Queen, the ravishingly handsome Luke and gorgeous Cindy respectively, cut the cake of the day. A thoughtful moment came by when gifts were shared with the Rector of the school receiving one and her fellow guests as well.

Shortly after, the guests were invited to the dance floor and the jovial deputy head teacher of the section, Mr. Stanley Lukeera, brought the roof down with his comic 20th century dance moves. The dance took a toll from about 07:00pm to 09:40pm, and that was when the students could barely lift their feet off the ground.

And that was, truly, a day and night to imprint into their memories. If only they could turn back time…