We stuck our markers into the day’s eager earth. It was 07:00am in the morning of the last Monday of May, and the sky was an endless frosted glass above the scene. It was the inaugural ceremony for the new student-leaders.

The primary school block’s main hall, Kibuli, was the designated venue. Students, teachers, parents, guardians and visitors filled every row of the auditorium facing the stage—upon which sat the present of Greenhill Academy in two parts, a concluding history and certain future.

After going through the preliminaries of the special assembly, warmth gradually built up and spread out as the newly elect prefects swore by their faith and their word to loyally serve the academy; much to the joyful support of the crowds.

There was a short interlude of cultural appreciation and enlightment through a cultural dance from the central region of Uganda performed by various volunteers across the secondary year groups. It was an ecstatic moment.

The outgoing cabinet, the first and only appointed one of the institution, concluded their service officially by handing over department files and badges; helping the incoming with their blazers while shedding off their own. It was like one taking a final blow.

Following the complete handover of power by Ms. Samantha Akwine Cimberleigh, Head prefect of the outgoing powers, she commended her team through a speech. After which, Mr. Daniel Ahimbisibwe who was her successor, motivated those he was to work with.

Finally, the denouement of the ceremony. The sworn-in prefects were granted a photo session with the guardians and chief guest.

In the times since their memorable occasion, we must appreciate how they are coming into their leadership effectively and doing their roles justice.

Thus, began the dawn of the new age!