The school assembly is one of the most exciting items in the Academy’s curriculum. It is one event that every year group looks forward to.

On Monday 27th June, 2022, the Senior Two class took to the stage for their long eagerly awaited assembly. It was a marvelous display of both talent and the hard work put in during the preparation.

Being their first assembly since joining the academy, the class brought their A-game on stage. They kicked it off with an energetic praise and worship session which got everyone joining in and matching their energy. The insightful bible reading hinged on the day’s theme: “Social Responsibility”, reflected the first core value of the academy.

The masters of ceremonies wove through the items skillfully; punctuating some moments with amazing wise quotations relating to the theme.

A beautiful cultural dance from the western part of Uganda was the highlight of the event. The choreography and the costumes were unmatched.

A learning opportunity was availed through the skit on the Dangers And Consequences Of Drug Abuse. The characters brought out the message clearly with a comic relief here and there.

At the tail end of the assembly, there was the embodiment of energetic movements-the creative dance! The young boys and girls came on, danced to their rare choreographies; much to the audience’s excitement. They were sent off stage with cheers and ululations!

All in all, the morning ended with much excitement and learning as a few other reminders were shared with the learners as they got on with the new week with a socially responsible mindset.