Greenhill Academy requires all students to attend a minimum of 75% of tuition in a given term to qualify for continuation of studies.

Greenhill Academy shall set minimum academic standards for continuation of studies at the school.

A student who is permitted to enter a candidate class will be allowed to register for UNEB exams.

Payment of exam fees to Uganda National Examinations Board shall not guarantee that the child will sit exams if attendance requirements of the school are not met.

Absence for one week or more without explanation will result in the child’s name being deleted from the register. Readmission would be upon application, and after payment of a fee.

Long term absence for any reason may result in the child dropping out of the present class, including the candidate class. To fulfill the academic requirements of the school, attendance in all terms must be at least 75%.

Report cards shall be issued termly. Attention must be drawn to their findings and recommendations in parent-teacher meetings and other forums. Reports shall be withheld if school fees and dues are not cleared in full.

The school will set academic targets for promotion from one class to the next and enforce them, always provided that at least one term’s written warning of critical academic under-performance is given to the student and parent/guardian, and signed for.

The school shall provide documented academic support and encouragement to a student likely to be demoted.

Demotion will depend on staff recommendation that demotion will serve a useful purpose. If this is not the case, the parent/guardian should be requested to withdraw the child.

Supplementary examinations for candidate classes shall be carried out at the beginning of every academic year to determine the suitability of candidate who will register and sit for the Uganda National Examinations Board exams.