Greenhill Academy is a private school and reserves the right of admission of students or pupils to Greenhill Academy schools. Admission of students or pupils to Greenhill Academy is on an “at will basis”. Greenhill Academy reserves the right to terminate, rescind, alter or in any way end the relationship with students/ pupils and parents/ guardians for any reason. Greenhill Academy further reserves the right to determine suitability of admission of any student/ pupil; use appropriate selection/ admission criteria; and to deny admission to any student.

  • Admission into Greenhill Academy is on individual merit.
  • Admission into the nursery school shall be based on the outcome of the interaction between the parent, the child and the school.
  • Admission into the primary school shall be based on the reports and recommendations of the nursery school together with the results of tests results of the student in English Language and Mathematics or any other set of assessment activities.
  • Non-Academic Criteria such as talent in sports, music, dance etc may be taken into consideration.
  • Transfer cases shall be treated similarly to those of regular admission, except that a report of good conduct is required from the previous school.
  • The school will request documentation to support the credentials of all applicants. In doubtful cases, the credentials should be verified. Processing shall be on standard school formats.
  • Offers of admission shall be given in writing, and confirmation of admission shall be done after payment of all the prescribed school dues.
  • Authorised fees must be paid as per the guidelines stated in the offer of admission letter.
  • New students are required to undergo a medical check-up and produce the report prior to admission.