(i) Co-curricular activities such as P.E., swimming, Music Dance and Drama, clubs and societies, together with educational trips and interschool matches are an integral part of the education provided at Greenhill Academy. If there is a medical reason for exclusion of certain activities, a doctor’s report must be provided. Attention must be drawn to any reason for general exclusion of activities at the time of admission.

(ii) Whilst the School will take every precaution to prevent accidents, and is professionally accountable, consent and authorization to participation of the child/ward in planned activities are given upon signature of this document.

(iii) The parent/Guardian will not hold Greenhill Academy responsible for any accidental injury or mishap suffered by the child/ward while participating in such activities.

(iv) This Authorization covers activities in school, in the Boarding complex (for Boarders), or trips within or near to Kampala. Trips organized outside Kampala have individual covering letters and authorization requests.