(i) A high standard of student conduct and of academic effort shall be required. The student and the Parent/Guardian must take the recommendation offered by the School in respect o these and also any disciplinary sanction thought appropriate.

(ii) He student entering Greenhill Academy and the Parent/Guardian should read the Student Code of Conduct.

(iii) Signing these Regulations also signifies your acceptance of the Student Code of Conduct. The student is also required to sign the rules and abide by them.

(iv) Transfer from one course to another, dropping or transfer of subjects, and registration for public examination are at the discretion of the school.

(v) If, in the opinion of the School, academic progress does not merit promotion to the next class, the student may be asked to repeat a particular class. Additionally, the School reserves the right to require the removal of any student whose academic performance, in the opinion of the School Head, is of such standard or level that the student is not likely to profit by staying longer in the School. The decision of the School Head shall be final and binding in this matter.

(vi) Academic guidelines and minimum standards are given in the Student Code of Conduct.

(vii) The School reserves the right to suspend or expel any student who, in the opinion of the School Head, behaves in such a manner as to prejudice the welfare of other students in the School or otherwise prejudices the good name of the School.

(viii) An appeal may be made against any such decision by the Head of School to the Rector, Greenhill Academy, whose decision shall be final.