(i) Parents/Guardians are requested to provide immediate written explanations of all absences of their children or wards from School. The Parent/Guardian signature on the letter shall be compared to the signature on the official application form to ascertain authenticity.

(ii) Absence for one week or more without explanation may result in the child’s name being deleted from the register. Re-admission would be upon application, and after payment of the relevant fees.

(iii) Long term absence for any reason may result in the child dropping-out of the present class, including the candidate class. To fulfill the mandatory academic requirements of the School, attendance in all terms must be at least 75%.

(iv) Formal leave of absence, to travel abroad will only be given provided:

  • A written request is made stating the date of leaving and anticipated return.
  • The fees for the term following (or including) the date of return have been paid. Students who do not return to School on the specified date will be regards as being absent from School and an explanation will be required.

(v) It will be rare for the School to give consent for leave during term time.