Ex-students of the school applying for readmission after leaving voluntarily may be admitted only if they satisfy the current admissions criteria. Ex-students of Greenhill seeking readmission must apply for entry in the normal way. They must satisfy the Admissions officer that they meet the entry criteria for the school at the time of reapplying.

Ex-students who have been out of school, will normally be readmitted only at the level where they left off from their earlier Greenhill schooling.

The entry point of ex-students on readmission shall correspond to where they left off and not at a more advanced level, unless so warranted by ability and their intervening progress.

Students who have been expelled from the school shall not be readmitted.

Ex-students who pursed a course of studies elsewhere may not be readmitted at a higher level unless they can prove that they have made appropriate academic progress.

Ex-students who apply successfully for readmission will pay all dues including the admission fee.